Center Stage: Deja Vu (Pet of the week-9/7-9/13)

Hi everyone! I’m Deja Vu, I’m a Texan but am really enjoying the cooler weather here in Buffalo. I like to think of myself of as the best dog ever! I can be a little shy and barky in my kennel, but take me out and let me show you what I’m really like, sweet and a GREAT kisser! 🙂 I don’t play very well with the other dogs, except Rocky, I love that guy, ya know what y’all should check him out too! I probably need a more experienced adopter who knows about pack dynamics, I’m more of the dominant alpha dog in here and would vie for top spot if my new humans didn’t claim the pack leader title. I don’t like to talk about my past, but I will say that I prefer females to males although I am learning that not everyone will hurt me. I have a lovely figure but I am very proudly a foodie. I love all food, in all forms and I am willing to learn stuff so you’ll give me more. I’m down here all day, every day at the shelter and would LOVE company! I love the humans here, they love my kisses but I really just want my own soft bed and family of humans to call my own. Come down this week and there is a discount on my adoption fee! WOOHOO!

I love to smile! :)

They had to catch me so they could take a picture of me. I look quite dashing if I may say so. 🙂

I love to smile, and am ready to kiss you if you'll let me!

I love to smile, and am ready to kiss you if you’ll let me!

Cleaning off my face after enjoying some tasty food!

Cleaning off my face after enjoying some tasty treats!




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