Spotlight on Siam!

Since we are so overrun with cats and kittens, all of them are our pet of the week but this blog is dedicated to one of our babies that has been overlooked and ignored for a while. Granted, she’s been in quarantine where the public doesn’t really get a chance to see her. She was originally hissy, and scared and wasn’t much of a people cat. With the love and time from the staff that interact with her on a daily basis she has become a love sponge! She is still wary of new situations but once she decides you’re okay, she will turn her motor on and rub her face on your arm while you scratch her chin. She does cute little flips so you’ll continue your petting. Her fur is soft, her eyes are a clear blue and all she wants is someone to call her own. Come down and ask to see Miss Siam!

To see Siam enjoying some love:

Sweet, sweet Siam!

Sweet, sweet Siam!

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