Buddies without claws

It’s a new day, almost a new year and as such we’d like to highlight a few cats that are looking for a new beginning. All four of these guys have no front claws but they have personalities that shine like the sun. Plus all are over one year which means they are FREE!! Who doesn’t like free??

First up we have Bella. Bella was a stray (believe it or not) found on the streets of Buffalo back in April. Bella is independent and does her own thing. Don’t let her cool demeanor scare you off, she is quite friendly just not in the “oh em gee, please touch me and carry me and love me and feed me right now!” She does not have her front claws so if you’re looking for a sweet, autonomous, feline friend Bella is the kitty for you!

I'm beautiful AND free!

I’m beautiful AND free!

Next up we have Gumball. Gumball is a completely unique cat in that she has no claws as well as no teeth! Gumball was one of the 11 cats that came from a hoarding situation in Riverton. She loves to be around people, and will routinely stick out her front foot while kneading hoping you will spend some time with her. She was returned from a previous adoption because she was miserable being the only cat. Therefore, Gumball either needs to be adopted with a friend (which all of hers are FREE) or there needs to be at least one other cat in the home already. If you’re looking for a velcro kitty that wants nothing more than to be with and around you Gumball is THE cat for you! And while she doesn’t have any teeth, she requires no special diet and eats dry food comfortably.

Wanted: you.

Wanted: you.

For our next friendly feline we have Maxwell. Maxwell is another cat off the mean streets of Buffalo (especially mean without any front claws to protect himself!). Max has been here since October and is a little over a year old.He is a little shy but doesn’t have any problem being picked up and held. Max is looking for a home that will shower him with love and food (he’s a bit skinny) as well as helping him to come all the way out of his shell and learn that hiding isn’t always the answer.


Stunningly handsome, I will make all your feline owning friends jealous with my beauty…and maybe your canine owning pals a little green too!

Last but DEFINITELY NOT least we have Sweetpea. Sweetpea is a fat and sassy 8 year old black cat. She ADORES laps and will make a beeline for yours as soon as you sit down. She does have some hair loss from allergies but don’t let that throw you off. Sweetpea continually gets looked over maybe because of her age, or maybe it’s her appearance or even her color (black animals in shelters are statistically more likely not adopted). All those factors are rational, of course, however Sweetpea deserves someone that will see her for the amazing companion she is. If you are willing to take a chance on her I sincerely believe you will not be disappointed!

Sweet Pea

I love you. I love food. I love naps. Basically I’m a dog…that uses a litter box.

If you have fallen in love with 1 or maybe all 4 come on down and meet these sweet guys!!

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