On the eighth day of Advent my animal shelter gave to meeee… FREE CATS!

That’s right folks you read that right, FREE CATS. All cats one year of age and older are FREE. That means cats like: Mario, Noir, Sweetpea, Spirit, Ollie, Maxwell, Author, Nina and their buddies are FREE! We’ve got FREE cats that would be suitable as inside pets or outdoor/barn babies. We’ve got FREE cats that you might only see once in a while when you feed them or we’ve got FREE cats that will refuse to get off your lap…or face. And of course we have FREE cats with personalities in between!!


I’m fat, sassy and looking for a place to call my own. Help a fella out?


I’m beautiful, declawed and quiet. What more do you want from me? Oh, I’m free too!


Blue eyed cats do it better but FREE blue eyed cats do it BEST!

Maybe you want a younger FREE cat, we’ve got them! Want a middle aged kitty that wants to do nothing but sleep on your lap or face? We have those too! Maybe you’re one of the few that have a soft spot for our senior felines, we do have one or two FREE kitties to pick from! So, you’re interested in a FREE cat? Well get your feline focused face down to the shelter and pick a FREE cat out(or seven), fill out an adoption application, get approved and take your FREE cat(s) home for the holidays!

Meet Spirit, our kitty model extraordinaire!

We also have sexy looking FREE cats!


Please get the camera out of my face, I’m sleeping here!

Luigi Mario3

Mmmmm a home for the holidays? YES PLEASE!!

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