We need YOU!!!

Before any of our current volunteers say “hey! what about us?” We want to extend the biggest THANK YOU to you guys! You come in, some of you quite regularly and give the animals your time and attention and that means the world to the animals and us!


It’s that time of the year when warm fuzzies overtake you or maybe the stress of making sure everything is perfect for family get togethers, or maybe the holidays bring you sadness or loneliness; well do I have the solution for you! Come down to the shelter and volunteer! Volunteers are the backbone of the shelter providing much needed love and socialization to animals that may just be overwhelmed. It’s free, it’s fun, it benefits you and our animals!


We have kittens that just need to be held and taught that humans are not going to eat their tails and on the other end we have senior felines that no longer feel up to the task of cleaning themselves and need a helping hand (being brushed is pretty special around here!). Of course we have cats in between that would love for you to bring in a soft comforter in and sit down so they can snuggle on your lap even if for only a little while.


We also have dogs for those of you that aren’t so enamored with the idea of a cat crawling on you. Dogs that would love a long, relaxing walk or maybe puppies are more up your alley-we have those too! The animals don’t ask for a lot of your time, as much as you want to give them. But be warned, the affection and love you receive for your selflessness may be a little overwhelming, we hope our gratitude is as well.


Okay, okay so you say you’re allergic, or want to do something that will make you feel like you’ve done something of importance, we have lots of dirty jobs that have to be done every day and jobs that are need to be done that require a skilled hand. Cat boxes have to be scooped, dog poop that has to be picked up, screens that need to be fixed, floors to be cleaned, laundry to be done…the list is endless!


The truth of the matter is that volunteers are what makes our world go ’round and right now our world is spinning a bit slow. We know it’s the holidays and we understand the frenetic nature of the time of year but the need remains, and maybe it’s even stronger given the season. And just in case it sounds like we aren’t grateful for the donations that keep coming of desperately needed items or monetary the truth is warm bodies spending time with our charges and spreading the word about “this really amazing dog/cat I met at the shelter!” is an absolute requirement.


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