Otis, no Milo

Otis was pet of the week a few weeks back but I thought he deserved his own blog. Otis loves treats, a lot. He hates cats…maybe more than he loves treats. He does relatively well with other dogs but a meet and greet before taking him home with your current canine companions probably wouldn’t be a terrible idea. Otis would be a great active lifestyle partner or slower one, he loves to just hang out. Otis can jump much like an NBA player and should not be left outside unattended unless you have a fence that looks like this:

And even this may not work if he's bored.

And even this may not work if he’s bored.

Otis is a people dog and thrives being around humans. Give him a warm, soft place to sleep in an area that is around everyone. Otis is house broken and likes to chase his ball but he would rather play with it in the snow than bring it back. He was an owner surrender to Casper Metro and when his time was up we decided that he would get a 2nd chance here at the shelter. So what are you waiting for, don’t you want this wonderful guy at your feet through the years?


Let your imagination run wild!

While he may not be the pet of the week anymore, Otis would love to be YOUR pet of…forever. So come down to the shelter and meet him! We open up bright and early Monday morning at 8am.

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