Spay/neuter clinic…it has begun!!

 You’ve heard about on the radio, you’ve read about it in the paper and you’ve seen it on our facebook. Well, you haven’t heard about it enough ’cause it’s coming to the blog!


The spay/neuter clinic time has arrived at the shelter!!  Don’t want to deal with your female cat sticking her butt in your face, or meowing all night in hopes of attention? Don’t want a litter of kittens to have to deal with? Make your appointment to get her spayed today for only $60-if you live in Johnson county we sweeten the deal even more-HALF OFF (so, in case you weren’t paying attention, that would a $30 spay!)

Okay, maybe you have a male cat and you want him to keep his ‘manhood’. Are you ready for urine spraying in your house? Or a cat that is more prone to wandering the great outdoors in search of ‘true love’? Or maybe a cat that has more of a mean streak? No? Neutering will only cost you $30-again, half off if you live in Johnson county (only $15!!) I promise he won’t miss his maleness, and you won’t either!

spay 1

If you are only looking for some routine vaccinations or you’d like to microchip your kitty in case they ever get lost here is what else our clinic is offering:
Rabies vaccine: $10
PRCC/Nemex(a wormer): $10
Microchip: $20

The clinic will run from January 22nd (that’s today!) through March 19th on Thursdays. Space is limited to only 10 cats each Thursday, so call and make your appointment today!! (307) 684-1738

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