Have great ideas? Are you a boss at fundraising? We NEED you!!

Fundraising is a HUGE part of our funds. We are looking for people that have ideas for events that will both incorporate the community as well as highlight our mission to help the animals. This is a volunteer committee but it will be worth your time. We need people that can talk businesses and individuals into supporting our events. We need people to volunteer on the big day. We need people to make phone calls. We need people that can lead and people that can follow. We need people to brainstorm ideas and flesh out the great ones. We need people that want to let their talents shine! If you have ideas for fundraising events, please consider coming to the next fundraising committee meeting-March 5th at 5:15pm here at the shelter. Even if you don’t have ideas but would like to join one of the most important committees of the shelter, be here. If you want to help ensure our events are huge successes so that we continue to have the ability to continue our mission, be here. We need you. Mark down the date and time and make plans to be here on March 5th at 5:15pm here at the shelter!

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