Want a cat? Want to help out the community? We have some good news!


Our new fabulous deal is simple plus you can feel good about it! If you want a cat, over one year old all you have to do (once your application is approved) is to bring in 2 cans of human food (your choice-veggies, chili, fruit etc) and 2 cans of pet food (can be cat or dog food, your choice!). The human food benefits the Johnson County Food Food Bank and the pet food goes to our wards here at the shelter. Not only do you get a cat at a low, low price but you will be helping the community and seriously, what else feels better? Besides a feline friend purring next to you on any day? But hurry, you only have until February 28th 2015, that’s only 24 days away!! So don’t delay, come fall in love with a feline and turn in your application today! Of course if you would rather donate and not take a kitty home, that is puurrfectly acceptable as well!!

C’mon Northeast Wyoming, let’s get these furballs homes and help stock the food pantry!!


cans for cats

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