Center Stage: Marty (pet of the week 3/2-3/7)

Not really feeling the love? Not being entertained at home? Sick of being cooped up inside with no feline lap warmer?  Marty is the answer to your problems! He is a handsome, hysterical, loving feline. He, for the most part, knows his name and will come when you call him. He loves toys and playing until he can’t anymore. Laser pointer anyone? Marty has quickly become a staff favorite due to his amiable personality and lively antics. So if you’re looking for a cat that will not only love you but entertain you for years to come, Marty is your man…er, cat. Hurry, Marty may not last long now that the world knows of his existence AND his discounted adoption fee!!


My utter amazingness can not reach you through the screen, human. You must come meet me in order to experience the full effects. -Marty

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