Center Stage: Hobo Joe (pet of the week 4/13-4/18)

Guys, Hobo Joe needs a home. And this week only his adoption fee is discounted. Hobo is a lazy lover. He enjoys long naps, preferably in or near your lap. He gets along and is amiable with other cats. Maybe it’s because he’s all grown up (at 7 years old) and no longer likes to pick fights foe the sole purpose of fighting. He has a luxurious, silky coat and dazzling eyes that you could seriously get lost in. He’s a listener. I’m not sure what you’re doing still reading this, Hobo is at the shelter not in your office/living room/bathroom/car/wherever you are reading this from. Come on down, meet him, spend time with him and when he convinces you he’s your new best buddy, fill out an application. He’ll be waiting for you. But not in a creepy tmp_11605-FB_IMG_1429147476597-836712114

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