Problem with Online Adopt App Form

Update: Feb. 20, 2016 – Looks like there were (are) some email hosting issues. We’re working around it by saving what you enter into a database. Means we have to check manually, without notification. But that’s kinda like making a trip to the post office to see if we got our new wind-up toy from Sears & Roebuck. Exciting!

We’ve had troubles with our new online application form. Growing pains, maybe? Or perhaps just weird email/computer smoke and mirrors? Whatever the mysterious cause, a few people have submitted then even received email notification their app was sent to us but the harsh reality was: we didn’t receive it. If this kind of thing happens to you, please let us know. Probably a phone call (or pretty post card from the tropics) would work the best. (307) 684-1738 (or 109 Flatiron Drive, Buffalo, WY 82834).

Perhaps your information will help us track down the cause of the problem and fix it!


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