Spay-Neuter Clinic in May

Another month, another schedule. The St. Francis Animal Shelter will be hosting a Spay/Neuter clinic on May 19, 2016.

Space is limited, please call to get on the list.


We ask that you withhold food starting 8pm the night prior to the clinic, drop your animal(s) off between 8 and 9am the day of the clinic and plan to pick them up between 4 and 5pm the day of the clinic. As a part of this service we can also offer various vaccinations and microchipping.

All our fees can be found on our Fees and Prices page. But of particular interest for this clinic are the following:

Spay/Neuter Clinic

Cat Neuter (Male): $30.00
Cat Spay (Female): $60.00
Dog Neuter (Male): $70.00
Dog Spay (Female): $90.00


Rabies: $10.00 (mandatory for dogs in Buffalo City limits)
DH2PP: $10.00 (for dogs)
Felo-4: $10.00 (for cats)
Nemex: $5.00 (for dogs and cats)
Bordetella: $10.00 (for dogs)

Micro Chips

First Chip: $20.00
Each Chip After: $15.00

photo credit: Pals via photopin (license)

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