Can You Help us Find Layla?


Layla was adopted to a very loving home. She’s a very timid and gentle female doberman mix. She’s had a heck of a two months. Anyway, she took off and stopped a few times when her owner called, but thing got a little scary and the owner lost sight of her. She was running north from Ranchester when last seen. This post will be updated on our website as we learn more. Please call SFAS (307-684-1738) or, I suppose, the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office (307-672-3455) if you see this pooch. You can also phone Kathy at (307) 752-4106.

Layla is micro chipped.

Update: Layla was last seen heading south, about 2 miles from the MT/WY state line near Six Mile Creek. This was late evening on Tuesday, Aug. 16. She was on the NE side of the interstate.

Layla has shown zero aggression towards barnyard animals, quails, etc. Hopefully her hunger will lure her back to people, but being so skittish and fast, she’s a hard one to catch. She may be attracted to other dogs.

Please help us locate Layla. Share the pictures? Spread the word? Thank you!
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