Buck Used To Be Blue

This dog’s name was “Blue”, once upon a time. But now he’s Buck. And he is Pet of the Week for September 26, 2016.

Buck is a very friendly, energetic and curious dog. He is a big puppy. By that I mean he’s big but not yet a year old and still has a lot to learn. Given consistency by a human, he has shown us he is ready and willing to learn. Buck was born here at SFAS and adopted to a local family. We were disappointed when it didn’t work out between Buck and that family. Buck does have some training/behavior issues.

Buck would likely do best to live with somebody who could commit a significant amount of time each day to catch him up on remedial stuff, even some house training stuff. His surrender form says he is house and kennel trained. He has had a few accidents here at SFAS since he came back. Nothing inappropriate for his age and training, however.

Being that he’s large (65-70 lbs) and young his kind of play can be too aggressive for children or smaller people.

Buck can do well on a leash and loves to play. He is eager to visit when people come into the yard, but, as you can imagine, we don’t have much opportunity to turn him loose outside of a fenced yard to see how well he would stick around.

He gets along with many other dogs. He might chase horses or livestock, we don’t have enough information on that.

We would love to see Buck go to a home where he could get more daily, personalized, attention than we can provide him here.

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