Fees and Prices

Adoption Fees

Our adoption fees include all current vaccinations, spay/neuter, and micro chipping. The City Tag (dogs only) is NOT included in the adoption, and must be purchased separately if living within city limits.

To take a pet on trial, there is a $20.00 deposit.


Over 1 year in age: $50.00
Under 1 year in age: $80.00
Barncats: $10.00


One year or older: $75.00
Puppies less than one year: $120.00

*NOTE: If animal is too young for a spay/neuter at time of adoption, there is a $20.00 deposit required, which is refunded once the spay/neuter takes place.

Surrender Fees

Altered: $60.00
Unaltered: $80.00

Micro Chips

First Chip: $20.00
Each Chip After: $15.00

Spay/Neuter Certificates

For all cats and dogs NOT adopted from St Francis Animal Shelter, we offer Spay/Neuter Certificates, which are valid at Buffalo Vet AND Big Horn Vet AND Powder River Vet.
Notice: Sale of S/N Certificates is on hiatus until the beginning of Johnson County’s next fiscal year.

Male Cat: $27.00
Female Cat: $48.00
Male Dog: $50.00
Female Dog: $55.00

City License Tags

If residing within the city limits of Buffalo, all dogs MUST have a City License Tag. In order to obtain a City Tag, the dog MUST have proof of current Rabies vaccine. License includes one tag and is valid for two years.

Altered: $10.00
Unaltered: $20.00

Animal Control Pickup

Pickup Fee: $30.00
Unaltered Daily Boarding: $15.00
Altered Daily Boarding: $10.00


Rabies: $10.00
DH2PP: $10.00
Felo-4: $10.00
Nemex: $5.00
Bordetella: $10.00

Custom ID Tags

Small: $5.00
Large: $8.00
Custom Engraving ID on City Tag: $2.00
Tag Silencers: $1.00

Returning An Adoption

Within 30 Days: Full Refund of Adoption
After 30 Days: No Refund
After 60 Days: Surrender Fee Charged

Spay/Neuter Clinic

Cat Neuter (Male): $30.00
Cat Spay (Female): $60.00
Dog Neuter (Male): $70.00
Dog Spay (Female): $90.00

St Francis accepts Cash and Check ONLY.

Please make checks payable to: