Have an hour to spare? Are you over 14? Would you like to help? We take wonderful care of our pets but there’s always more to do and not enough hours in the day. Choose something from the list below and stop by at your convenience. Just tell us what you want to do and we’ll put you to work!


Brushing Cats in the “General” Room. The long haired cats especially need gently brushed and their hair mats removed.




Folding and washing laundry,

we’re never caught up!






For our over 18 volunteers. Walking or playing with the dogs. Not all dogs can be handled by volunteers but most can and could really use the attention.





Do you have legible penmenship? We could use your help writing thank you notes and addressing envelopes.





Are you handy and crafty? The little wooden donation boxes that we place around town are looking pretty shabby and could use updating. Sand them? Paint them? Decorate them? Label them? Or start from scratch? We’re open to ideas!




Together we can make St.Francis the best NO KILL shelter in Wyoming!